What a week

Wow… today is the first day all week I have even been able to get on the computer (my Wordless Wednesday post was from my phone)!

Super Dad and all 4 princesses were down for the count with a nasty stomach bug that has been going around our part of the world. Not even fun!

I know that Princess JF lost 4 pounds she really couldn’t stand to lose over the course of a week (she was in the ER a week ago and had a doctor’s appointment yesterday so it was easy to track her weight between visits… unsure about everyone else).

Poor Princess JR started it off when she got sick in my truck just as we pulled in from doing our school pick-up.

It was so heartbreaking to watch her stand at the toilet after getting sick, then looking up at me as if to say, “I always want to play in the toilet and you never let me. Why am I standing here now?

We have never, through 5 children, had to go through a baby throwing up. It was so hard to endure as parents. She just wanted to sleep, but every time she would fall asleep she would get sick again. After her the girls started dropping like flies.

Princess CJ said she felt bad, but decided she was well enough to head to her boyfriend’s house. As soon as she walked in the door there she bolted to the bathroom. She then made her way back home hanging her head in embarrassment.

Princess JF said she felt bad during dinner and didn’t make it past a few bites. And as we were all settling in for the evening to watch “Toy Story 3“, we found ourselves running to the bathroom with Princess JL. It was crazy!

Super Dad and I were in separate bathroom most of the night with one of the younger princesses while Princess CJ was in her bed moaning, groaning, and crying with pain (she never got sick again because Prince NK’s mom gave her some anti-nausea meds).

It was also the first time EVER that Super Dad and I slept under the same roof in different beds! I slept in our room with the baby while he slept in our gameroom area with the the younger two princess on a pallet in the floor and Princess CJ’s bedroom just off there.

The night was long and sleepless for us both.

Most of the next day was spent watching the girls sleep. They were only awake for brief intervals through out much of the day.

Super Dad came home for lunch as he usually does… but never went back to work. He ended up sicker than a dog as well. He had a fever most of the evening until we were finally able to break it around 11pm.

He woke up feeling a bit better yesterday.

Yesterday still involved a lot of rest. There are still a few “tummy issues” going on, but not to the extreme as before.

Prince W has been armed with Lysol all week and has tried to keep to himself so as to not get sick. Thus far he and I have been the only ones who have not taken ill… but only time will tell.

I am just so thankful my girls are on the mend! I do not like when my babies are sick!

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