One of those days

Have you ever just had one of those days where nothing seems to go your way? Sure you have… and this isn’t my first… but I am definitely having one of those today!

Don’t get me wrong, I realize people have it much worse, but I am just ready to get some sleep and start over again tomorrow!

At first it was “little” things, like Princess JR waking up extremely early after a sleepless night due to her asthma and being in an awful mood.

SuperDad forgot to check Princess JF’s homework folder, hence forgetting to send her homework to school, so I had to get out and take her homework to school (and I am SO NOT a morning person).

Next, Princess CJ decided she needed my help in Chemistry and it was something I had NO CLUE how to do (it’s been 20+ years since I sat in a Chemistry class) and the internet was of no help.

Well, the internet would have been very helpful had it not shut down every 2 minutes! It was crazy! I would do a search, maybe click on the page I needed to help with the question, and the browser would shut down.

I tried 3 different browsers to no avail. My mail accounts wouldn’t work,

Facebook was going crazy (before ultimately going down for a bit), and I figured the internet was down for the count! It was insane and beyond frustrating… to say the least!

Anyways, little things have been adding up, the  most recent being Princess JF crying and crying because she couldn’t find a pair of shorts she wanted to wear.

Seriously? I don’t do crying either. Ugh! But, the icing on the cake came from my hubby.

You see, when I started this blog three years ago we were a “Family of 6 on $26K/year“… now we are a family of 7 and SuperDad’s taxes last year showed his annual salary at $24K!

Yep, we’ve moved backwards! Not cool! Just three months ago my husband’s boss decided to give him a raise and commission (after 2 years of dedicated service).

Well, the commission has stipulations, of course, which my husband meets every month.

One recent revelation about the commission is that once SuperDad’s agent (he is in insurance) comes back into the office full-time (he is out working another job to generate more income for himself) then the commission checks stop altogether!

What? We NEED that income!

*Sigh* Nevertheless, he is supposed to get the check on the 15th and he just got it today… the 22nd.

BUT, a lot of good it does because his boss just called and said he needs him to hold it until the end of the month! Grrrr!

We live paycheck to paycheck so this is not good for our budget!

My husband has so much more patience than me in this area and says we will be fine, but to me it’s more the principle of it all. I feel bad when we have to tell my kids they can’t do something because we don’t have the money.

Now, they don’t ask for much, for example, yesterday our two oldest wanted to go to a play at the high school. The tickets were $5 each and we simply didn’t have the funds to give them.

So, they both stayed home.

When their friends devise plans to go out and do something I have to give the kids an alternate plan that saves us money and then they have to try and talk their friends into the new plan.

I HATE it! I hate not being able to provide for my kids the way I want.

I realize, once again, that we put ourselves into the situation we are in… but we wouldn’t struggle so much if SuperDad were able to actually make what he’s worth!

Plus, it would be nice if the checks he has in his hands were actually WORTH SOMETHING!

Ok… venting done! I am simply about to blow today!

I still hold onto my God and know that He always provides for us… but unfortunately my flesh takes hold sometimes and I have to just get it out!

I feel better now!

**UPDATED** (from my Facebook):

What a day! Just got through blogging about events of my day, pushed “post” and followed [Princess JR] into the bathroom just in time to see her start to drink the toilet cleaning gel!

Called Poison Control… said to watch her since it doesn’t seem she got but a taste of it. Ugh! Migraine!

Yep… told [SuperDad] we have to put a lock on the bathroom door! She loves playing in there? We have already put locks on the cabinets but that apparently isn’t enough! She is quite the “problem-solver!”

Luckily, it is a “moderate” poison and doesn’t cause harm unless she drink lots of it!

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