Colby and I senior prom 1992

Walking down the halls in high school were mostly about getting from class to class on time.

I was often called “Speedy Gonzalez” since I had one focus… getting to class on time.

But, that didn’t mean I had no time for friends. And towards the end of my junior year one boy in particular caught my eye. His eyes were amazing and sucked me right in.

our first professional picture together 1992

High School Sweethearts

After a week of stalking… er… watching him go about his day, I finally got up the courage to call him over while he was walking down the street. I asked a quick question and then he was off.

Another day later and I ran by his locker and threw a note at him as he was kneeling down grabbing books. Oh yeah… I made the first move and still hold a lot of that control.

Anyways, that note led to a lunch date and a week of talks and laughter. As we sat on the gutter talking as we had every night, I had to get up and leave. That boy who had quickly become one of my best friends grabbed me and kissed me.

My knees went weak and I could barely stand. Words were few and I had to get home. I

t was just after midnight on June 1, 1991, and my very first official day as a Senior. I went home that night and, of course, called my best friend. I told her that this was the “man” I was going to marry.

That kiss from my high school sweetheart was the start of a lifetime of love and laughter… and so much more.

We dated for 2 years, were engaged for a little over a year, and will celebrate 18 years of marriage in September with 5 children and 1 angel baby as evidence of our love.

My husband is my very best friend and more than the “cheese to my macaroni.” I love him beyond measure and further than the depths of the heavens.

best friend

Happy 21st Anniversary of our 1st kiss and beginning of our life together to my husband!

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