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Colby and I decided, for some crazy reason, that yesterday was a good day to move our girls’ playroom upstairs, move our office into the playroom, and move our formal dining room back into our office (where it used to be).

A bit much considering we are hosting a small blogger/brand party here today, but we decided yesterday was THE day. At least it’s done.

As I was vacuuming at the end of the day, I was trying to get every crook and cranny of the living room. This meant I had to pick up the little baby grand piano and move it over, then I had to get on my knees to get under the trampoline. Yes, the trampoline inside our living room.

Now, I tend to think that not everyone has a trampoline in their living room. But, in our home, it is perfectly normal. Then I began to wonder…

What is normal?

I mean, what is normal for us is most likely not normal for others. In fact, we often have people ask questions like, “How do you do it?” Or they just throw strange looks our way.

We’re totally used to it. It is what it is. But we also kinda think we’re rocking our lives so we can’t really complain.

That still isn’t to say that even our own kids think our family is a bit off at times. Our son thinks the trampoline in the house is a bit crazy. But, when his youngest sister needs somewhere to get her sensory needs met and she starts jumping… even he agrees it’s a great idea.

People have criticized the hours we keep as a family. I think that vampires would agree with us that life can still go on after dark. Colby and I work until the early morning some days, and our kids can typically hang with us until around 12am before they finally go to bed. Then we sleep until around 9am or so. And it works for us.

On the days we need to get up early—church or other activities—we set an alarm, get to bed a little earlier, and are ready to go the next morning. Some people just function better than others on less sleep, right?

We are some of those people.

Speaking of our kids, the most common question Colby and I get asked when people hear we have 5 kids is, “Are they all yours?” Yes. Colby and I personally helped craft each and every one of our 5 children… together.

We will celebrate 20 years in September and our oldest will turn 19 soon after. Although 50% of marriages nowadays end in divorce, Colby and I have been there, done that and in it for the long haul.

Not to mention, with Colby and I both blogging full-time, our lives may be a bit different than the average household. Last week we were both in LA for the Muppets Most Wanted red carpet premiere and brought home fun stories and cool swag for our kids.

Our oldest got a scrub shirt signed by Shonda Rhimes from Grey’s Anatomy and was over the moon excited. It’s these moments and times of crazy adventures that we know our lives are a bit unlike many others.

Why be normal though? These are, obviously, only a small sampling of the ways our family may not exactly be normal. I think everyone has a bit of character within their home. Life circumstances, lifestyle choices, medical situations, and a host of other reasons keep us all different. Unique.

The way we should be.

Could you imagine if we were all the same? How boring would that be?! I think it is cool to not be normal. To step outside the box and just be you.

Normal, much like age, is relative and pretty overrated.

I kinda like being different. It makes us who we are and I love that part of life.

Celebrate each other’s differences. Don’t be normal. Be you. I like you. 

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