girl in bright striped dress packing a sun hat into a suitcase with heart sunglasses

You know that classic parenting scene where your young kid packs a bag and jets out the door in total disgust with you? No? Just me?

Well, I do have a house full of dramatic girls. Perhaps that is why it is classic” to me. My (now) 18 year old tried that trick a few times.

Therefore, imagine my amusement yesterday when my 8 and 9 year old tried it. They had been at each other’s throats all day and I had enough. Sent them to their room and told them they could stay there the rest of the day. I was done.

Next thing I heard, they were in the 9 year old’s room talking and giggling. If nothing else, they had figured out how to get along. At least we were making headway.

Then, they come waltzing down the stairs together… one with a suitcase and the other with a backpack. They went straight for the pantry and I heard them discussing what foods they would need to bring along. Threw them into their bags and went out the front door.


My Girls Ran Away.

I watched from the corner of my eye the whole time. Just waiting to see what they would actually do. I know them all to well. Besides, why would I want to get in their way? They were actually getting along.

In fact, they were doing more than getting along. They were making plans together. Pulling their resources and talking through a situation… together. As sisters they decided they were just going to leave rather than have me discipline them any more.

Okay. Whatever. Like I said, this was not my first rodeo. I have ridden this bull a time or two with their older sister.

I watched them go. I grabbed pictures. Watched them walk to the driveway. Look around. Walk on the sidewalk in front of our house. Turn around. Converse in the driveway some more. Grab their bags. Head back into the house. 3 minutes.

That was all it took. 3 minutes.

They then came in giggling. Dropped their bags. And went to play. Their adventure was short lived. But the rest of the day they played and got along. Mission accomplished.

I guess every one needs a little “running away” every once in a while. I mean, there are days where I feel like doing the same thing.

Am I the only one?

As a parent, do you take a time out? Need to get away? I know the saying at one point was “Calgon, take me away.” I still have those Calgon moments.

Sure hope my girls think about Calgon before they decide to go this route again. It didn’t take them very far, but I hear Calgon take you to some pretty faraway places.

Silly girls! (And this was not written to laugh at them necessarily… but to nonchalantly let them know I get it. We could probably all use 3 minutes away every now and  then).

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