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Yesterday, as I cleaned the kitchen, I discovered a dirty little secret my husband had been hiding. It was awful, Y’all.

I mean, you think you know someone after almost 23 years together! I did not know what to think when I uncovered the truth. I was disgusted and upset.

My stomach felt sick and my face flushed with disappointment and disgrace.

How could he?!

He had been lying to me. Telling me things that were just not true. To.my.face. Each time I asked him about why things were happening the way they were he would simply work to find a solution. Always ready with a plan.

He is devious that man!

But I am on to him now! No more untruths. No more broken promises. No more hidden secrets.

I know!

Worse than that? My son knew! When I told him he just said, “Oh, I know, Mom. He does it all the time.

What?! How am I the last to know?

As I pulled the large pans and bowls out of the sink, there it was. Out in the open. Colby’s dirty little secret revealed.


The utensils. Almost every fork, spoon, knife, and pizza cutter we own! Just laying there. In the sink. Some had obviously been there for a week.

He hates cleaning the silverware!

Ugh! This is “his chore” typically. He never complains. After all, he IS “Days of a Domestic Dad.” There is a good reason for the blog name. I always tell him he is more domesticated than I am.

You have to understand. When I ask where all of our silverware has gone he blames it on the kids. When I need a certain knife he tells me that he will find it and secretly pulls it from his stash.

Why not just wash the utensils with the rest of the dishes?! I simply don’t get it? But from now on I know!

No more hiding the dirty silverware. He has been busted! Let’s see him try that again! I am on to him now.

Does your husband have a silly quirk like this?

Please know I love my husband more than words can express. This was totally meant to be light-hearted. All true. But just made me laugh.

The short cuts we take sometimes are just crazy. Colby keeps me going in the day-to-day and I wouldn’t change him for a thing.

We celebrate 23 years together (since our first kiss on June 1, 1991) soon too!

Love the one your with… even if they don’t wash the silverware!

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