White oak house

Well, I didn’t get to post yesterday because my mom came and whisked us away to the mall. She does that when she has a day off—picks us up and gets us out of the house.

The kids enjoy the time out— and I enjoy the adult interaction.

Random Thoughts

I’m torn about what I should post about today — one of my top 10 resources for frugal living — or simply what’s going on in our life.

My husband asked what I’ll blog about each day, considering the title of the blog, but seems to me it’s not just about the resources, but how we live day to day … as a family of 6 on $26,000 a year.

Maybe I should mention that we live in Texas. I realize that in some parts of the country, i.e. California or Florida, etc, we would already be living in poverty! Just knowing the prices of homes in some areas of the country, I don’t think we could afford living most anywhere else as well as we can here.

We actually have a nice home, almost 3,000 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, 3 living areas, 2 dining areas and, most importantly, a HUGE backyard. We actually just moved in this past October—found the house through an ad I placed on Craigslist, of course!

The best part is it only cost us a hundred or so more than the home we just moved from that was only 1,870 sq ft with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. So, it’s quite a step up for us!

What else is going on?

Well, last Thursday, December 13, we received news that one of my cousins was killed in Iraq by an “improvised explosive device.”

He was 24 years old and going back to save another man who had already been injured by one — Sam died and the other man survived.

His name is Sgt Samuel E Kelsey. Everyone has their opinion on the war — and even though I can’t stand the fighting — it has nothing to do with the human life lost over there.

We are burying him tomorrow in his small East Texas hometown in full military style. Not sure if we’ll be able to get into the church since it’ll take us a while to travel and they are expecting 100’s of people, but we’ll be there anyways!

They wanted to hold the funeral at the coliseum, but were unsure on how to get his casket and 8 military pall bearers through the mourners. Anyways, that has simply consumed me for the past week. Had to get it out there!

Well, I guess I don’t really have much more right now. As I go about my crazy day I may think of something “real” to blog about, but until then, later!

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