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Disclosure: We were invited guests of Walt Disney World for the purpose of this review.

Travel has become something that Colby and I have become accustomed to. Even our younger three girls have gotten quite used to packing their bags and tagging along.

But, our oldest daughter has already moved out, works a lot of hours, and is in school the rest of her days. This doesn’t leave her much room for traveling. But, recently, I offered her a trip she couldn’t refuse.


Walt Disney World

I was given the opportunity to bring my family out to Walt Disney World in Florida. But, the problem was the finances. Colby and I had already purchased airfare for the other 4 kids, as well as the two of us, to fly to California for Disneyland that same week.

Therefore, there simply was no budget to fly everyone to the opposite coast for this event. But… there was enough to fly one of them. And it was really only fair. I hopped online and bought our oldest daughter a ticket, she requested the time off, took her mid-term exams early, and met me in Florida!

This was the first time that just she and I had taken a trip like this. To anywhere. It was great! She moved out several months ago, and although we still see her often, it obviously changed the dynamics of our relationship.

Mostly in a good way I must admit. Yet, getting away, just the two of us was something I always wanted to do… so we did it. At Walt Disney World of all places!

She and I were able to soar through every line and explore each of the 4 parks within the magical place. We shared memories, laughs, sore feet, and even a bed. Crazy girl!

The first night there she was too tired to pull down the Murphy bed in the room, so she laid down on my bed where we talked until all hours of the morning before falling asleep. A dream come true.

Continuing to build and foster this type of relationship with her is incredibly important to me. Not only with her, but each of her siblings. We always call her our guinea pig since she was our first in nearly everything when it comes to parenting.

Next year she gets married. Married! I still see her as a baby.

These 4 days we spent together brought us closer together. Gave us shared memories that only the two of us have. If I would not have splurged for the ticket for her to join me, I would have been miserable doing WDW alone.

It was an experience meant to be shared and created a magical bond between us once again. It truly reiterated the importance of family trips for the both of us.

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