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Life is all about mountains and valleys. There are times when we are on the top of the valley and all is going well, and then those times when we are caught in the valleys.

And then there are times when we seem to be riding a train car up and down those mountains and into the valleys. Life becomes a roller coaster of sorts.

I believe that is where I am now… on that roller coaster.

Last Monday I updated on SuperDad’s job situation. Basically, if you missed it, his agent has decided to close down the agency because it just is not lucrative enough for him anymore.

SuperDad opened—and will now shut down—the office alongside the agent. He has put in over 3 ½ years of hard work, hardly ever calling in sick and taking 1 vacation a year.

Believe me, he was beyond dedicated to his job! Sometimes it drove me mad the way he was. Alas, that all comes to an end on Friday.

As of Friday, the agency will close its doors and SuperDad will no longer have a job. No severance package. No goodbye. Nothing.  

man standing on a rock on a mountain valley at sunset

That put us in a valley.

A few days later, while SuperDad was home for lunch, I received an email that I assumed was like any other PR pitch. In fact, I skimmed it and was near the bottom of the email when a word caught my eye.

Blah blah blah blah courtesy of blah blah blah.” Wait? “Courtesy of? SuperDad, here you read it and tell me how you interpret it.

He read it, smiled at me, and agreed that I had read it correctly. I clicked where I needed to click, input my information, and within 30 minutes had an email confirmation from the company.

I called SuperDad and told him I had received a response and it was legit. That being said, I cannot wait to tell you more but must wait a few weeks. I can tell you that I will be flying to California at the end of the month for a pretty amazing opportunity!

{Watch for details!}

man holding a woman on his shoulders on a mountain at sunset

That put us back on the mountaintop.

The weekend went well. Busy but well. And then come early, early Monday morning we went right back in the valley. In being transparent to a degree here, let’s just say a 5am wake up from a tow trucker driver is never a good thing.

NOT A GOOD THING! Ummm… especially when you only have 1 vehicle to begin with. Of course, I knew nothing about what was going on.

SuperDad had once again put on his “super hero cape” that proclaims, “I must protect you from any and all financial woes by not disclosing said information” {and in tiny, tiny print} “until absolutely necessary or when I can no longer hide it.

Yep. Not a good day. The banks were closed for the holiday and we will find out more later today. But, really, the truck was one thing. SuperDad was a whole other story. We were back in the valley.

Nevertheless,  SuperDad and I are good and all is well with the family (other than Monkey running a 102 fever and taking 2 breathing treatments a day). We got through it as the day progressed and my parents are available to play taxi for a day or two.

We have been through deeper valleys and know that God always has a plan. We may not know what it is and it typically does not come in our time… but it does come.

I often say, “God must REALLY love me and think I can be trusted with much since He repeatedly gives me so much.

If He is going to bring me head first into a situation then I trust that He has a plan I cannot see and He will bring us through it. I am anxiously waiting to see what is in store for our family.

We are beginning to climb back up the mountain… one step at a time.

Are you in a valley or on a mountain top right now?

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