upset toddler covering their face sitting on a windowsill

My little Monkey just turned two a week ago this past Saturday. But, she has been in her “terrible twos” for much longer than that.

She has really been showing her true colors here recently though.

toddler laughing after causing havoc
I wanted her to come downstairs so she stopped right here & just laughed!

Terrible TWOs

Monkey is not one to sit still for long. She even opts out of naps most days now (much to my dismay), but has become better at laying down to rest for a while. Monday though… she just let it all out.

Now, I must give her a little slack in that she really has not been feeling too well for almost a week now. All 4 of my girls have their daddy’s asthma, and Monkey gets it pretty bad in the fall and winter seasons.

Last Wednesday, she woke up with a strong, barking cough and we immediately started breathing treatments. As the week progressed she got better, but her nose is running non-stop.

Monday morning she again woke up with a cough, although this time it was dry and not barking. 

Nonetheless, she woke up about 2 hours earlier than normal (thank goodness I was worn out from the weekend and went to be way early) and was in an awful mood all day.

My little Monkey did not want to eat breakfast without complaint.

Going potty was completely out of the question. When I went to clean her up the first time that morning she took off running and sat in SuperDad’s recliner before I could catch her.

So, now I had to clean her, the blanket in the chair, and the recliner. Before that she had an “accident” in our bed and later another awful mess in her room. Throughout the entire day she was getting upset with Pepper and I every time we tried to talk to her or look her way.

Therefore, we just “let her be.

Well, Monkey was playing in the game room with some Littlest Pet Shop toys while I was working on the computer. Pepper had run downstairs for a moment, but I could still see Monkey from where she playing.

It seemed like 2 minutes later when Monkey walked in with a white substance all over her chin and tummy. I could smell a strong odor and knew right away that she had, once again, got a hold of Pepper’s deodorant. (I don’t know why she has a fascination for deodorant… but she does.)

Thinking I just needed to clean her up, I went to grab some wipes and find the deodorant to make sure it was put away. As I walked into the game room this is what I saw:

deodorant on the tv

Why, yes… that is DEODORANT all over SuperDad’s tv. OMGoodness! I thought and thought about what to do. Would the screen cleaning wipes do the trick? What do I do?

So, Pepper and I began slowly and gently to wipe the tv off with the electronic screen wipes we had. Jake found the lint-free cloth SuperDad keeps tucked away that is just for his tv.

After a good ten minutes or so of wiping and wiping the screen looked relatively clean. I was afraid there were still some remnants of the deodorant, but it was the best I could do.

SuperDad inspected it once he got home and all looked well. My favorite part of it all, Pepper looks at me as we are gently scrubbing the screen as says,

“Well, Mom, I guess she told the show she was watching, ‘You really stink!‘ and figured it needed some deodorant.”

The tv was not on when Monkey did this mind you. But, sigh, yes… this is my life.

My other 4 were not quite this rambunctious. Does your toddler keep you on your toes?

Are your days filled with tantrums, trickery and trouble?

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