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Yesterday was, well, it was a day. Not just like, “Tuesday.” A day. A stressful one. 

In the middle of trying to get several posts done and photos taken, participating in a Twitter party, and scheduling homeschool assignments before Colby and I leave on Thursday, we got a call from our son-in-law.

Our daughter, Cheyenne, hadn’t felt Baby Riley (our first grandchild) kick all day and it was concerning. Colby and I left to grab Nic, take him to Chey, and get to the hospital for a pregnancy non-stress test. 


Non-Stress Test

I don’t know about “non-stress” though because we were all completely stressed as we waited to start the test.

(Yes, I do know why for real though. I’ve had a couple over the duration of my 5 pregnancies. I’m just sayin’). 

Y’all, I’ve been in her spot. No movement. Waiting with bated breath as the nurse tried to find a heartbeat. I saw the look on my daughter’s face.

It took every ounce of me not to break down.

Can I tell you that I saw God that day? The sound of that baby girl’s heartbeat was everything.

I prayed the whole way to the hospital. I sent a text to my dad and sister for prayer. I begged my mom to talk to God. Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?


All the stress, the work, the worry… none of that meant anything the moment when that call came in.

Riley is good. Apparently, she just likes to hide. I told Chey she would be a master at hide-and-seek. It took a while, but we found a strong heartbeat and she finally started kicking… at the monitor.

Guess she didn’t like it invading her space.

After leaving the hospital in a much better mood, we stopped by the gas station and grabbed some Starbursts (the doctor recommended an ice-cold drink or sweets to stimulate the baby). Cheyenne later reported that Riley had been kicking all evening. 

Looks like she may have a sweet tooth already!

Having been in her spot, and, unfortunately, NOT finding a heartbeat, I’m incredibly glad that Riley was well. 

So, can I simply ask for continued prayer through this journey?

Chey and Nic were as calm as they could attempt to be… but the worry was there. Chey didn’t want to stress Riley. Nic didn’t want to stress Chey. And I was acting like it was no big deal.

UGH. Again. It was a day.

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