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Let me—Staci—preface this post this way: After heading to bed at 7pm Las Vegas time on Monday after a crazy, busy day, I awoke to a text at 9:30pm from my husband telling me he decided to write a post on my blog.

I was thrilled and told him I would look at it in the morning. I called him at 5:30am, Vegas time, as I was headed down to do some work and he reminded me to edit and post this for him.

As I sat at Starbucks reading it I was in tears from both laughing and feeling the love. I sure miss my incredible man and just love him so much! Enjoy this RARE read from my amazing husband.

A Blogger’s Husband

I had a thought early today that I kind of felt like the bride-to-be in movie “The Hangover.” I knew my wife needed to take this trip to Vegas for CES but was weary of the outcome.

My wife hanging out with 4 other crazy bloggers in “Sin City” just made me stop and think about how I got to this point in my life.

I am a “Blogger’s Husband”.

I can remember the days of old when we didn’t have to worry about having a blog post every day. Or wondering what we should Stumble to gain traffic for the weekend.

No, no… Pinterest, candy for your eyes, which is all I have to say about that. I never can tell when I am going to be asked to read a book or take her to do a midnight shop.

By no means am I complaining, but I do wonder sometimes if the mailman, FedEx or UPS driver will ever bring me anything in the mail.

So now she is gone for six days living it up at what I would think is one of the coolest conventions. Me, the lonely husband here working the regular 9-5 J.O.B; wondering where I went wrong.

To only think, a couple months ago she told me that I could just work for her and everything would be great. Now that I think about it… it could be me in Vegas with all the tech headed people.

It has been roughly about 57 hours since she has taken off and every time I talk to her it is short conversations.

Like, “Hi“… “Hey!”

“How is it going? you having fun?”


“Okay. Well…”

I will have to tell you later, bye


You know as long as she makes it back without getting lost, waking up with a tiger in the bathroom, getting re-married, arrested, finding a baby named Tyler, stealing a cop car, confronting an Asian gangster, and can make it back with all her teeth, I guess you can consider it a successful trip.

You know, luckily Doug made it back in time for his wedding day, and although my wedding day has come and gone, I just look forward to Thursday when she arrives home.

I am just teasing though.

I do love that she has found her place and a new found passion second to the kids and I. I have to say, Staci, you have definitely made a lot of changes over the past year and I am proud of you.

Warning: This blog post is not from a real blogger.

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