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We are a family of 7. One unit made up of 7 people. We live together. Play together. Just do life together. Sometimes doing life means making decisions.

Ask the Kids?

There are those easy decisions that require not much more than a show of hands or flip of a coin to make— such as, “Where should we go for dinner?” Albeit, not always an easy choice to make with 7 varying opinions, but we work it out.

But what those decisions that require prayer, talking, research or more. Do you ever ask the kids for the opinion on it?

Let’s say you are considering a big move. Actually, any move at all. Even moving 2 streets over around here could mean a change of schools.

kids and teens sitting on front of a large rock fireplace

Do you ask the kids first?

What about vacations? Do you plan out everything and then let the kids know when it is time to pack? Or do they get a vote?

New car? New clothes? Whatever it may be do your children have a voice in your home?

Value Their Opinion

With our 2 year old, she obviously does not have much pull in most of the decisions other than dinner or what time we leave somewhere… based on her attitude while there.

So, we have 2 girls that are 6¾ and 8½. And then our teens are 15 and 16¾. (Have to add the fractions in to keep them happy… in case they happen upon mom’s blog). But, regardless of their ages we have found harmony in asking for their opinions when it comes to bigger decisions.

Now, that is not to say that my husband and  I do not come to an agreement on certain topics without asking the kids what they think. But for the most part we have come to value their opinion.

After all, they are part of our family. We have raised them and so, I am hoping, that means we have raised them to at least think a bit like us… right?

my 5 reasons for everything - my kids

The twist to that being that sometimes when my husband and I are divided on a choice—tacos or spaghetti—the kids are too! Waiting for Monkey to get old enough to be that tie-breaker!

Honestly though, when we move we take them along to look at the house. We all sit and discuss the pros and cons and make a selection based on what works best for us all.

When we plan a vacation we start brainstorming ideas and then do the research. We crunch the numbers and let them know which of their ideas made the budget cut. Then it is more talking, praying, contemplating, and compromising.

We try to at least get 5 out of 7 of us in agreement and happy… although we know we will not all be happy 100% of the time.

Your turn? How does your family work through family decisions?

Is everyone involved? Do you value the opinions of your children and allow them to be involved in the decision making process? Is it just you and your significant other? Just you?

I would love to hear how others make this work.

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