Balloon Festival 2010

I can’t believe my last post was almost exactly 2 years ago! Wow how things have gone up and down since then! I have wanted to start blogging again several times but have always found an excuse not to.

I have begun by redesigning the blog and trying some new things out but figured I should go ahead and get started posting as well. Thus… I am trying to bring my blog back to life!

Not sure how successful I will be, but at least I know I have the satisfaction of trying!

First, let’s see if I can give you a rundown on the last two years.

Let’s see if we can break everything down:

… had my 2nd miscarriage just days before posting that last post (probably the main reason I stopped blogging)

… got pregnant once again in December, realized it in January, didn’t tell anyone until Easter

… spent the entire pregnancy on pins and needles

… saw a Perinatologist since they thought my baby had a birth disorder

… spent nights in and out of hospital for maternal bleeding

… had an incredibly healthy baby girl in September 2009 (named her after Reagan… so she will now be referred to as “JR” in my blog)

… had my tubes tied (and experienced excruciating pain from it and a spinal headache from the epidural for the first 2 weeks after)

… landlord let the house we lived in for 3 years go to foreclosure

… spent 6 months looking for a home to live in (were given that time since we were renting the home)

… my mom was diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma in February

… helped nurse my mom through 5 months of intense chemotherapy (this is when I should have been blogging and letting out some feelings)

… took JF to a gastrointestinal doctor since she has chronic constipation apparently brought on by the stress of everything (primarily centered around Mom’s cancer journey) and she is now in therapy

… finally moved into new home by the lake in August

… Mom was given a clean bill of health (in complete remission) just 2 weeks ago!

Life is good!

Now that we’re all caught up I need to get back to the heart of what this blog was supposed to be about… us, as a family of 7, living on next to nothing and making it work!

So, I will try to do just that as I get going here soon! Stay tuned…

Oh wait… wanted to include a picture (featured at the top of the post) of Super Dad and the three youngest girls at a nearby Balloon Festival from last week. They were sharing some gelato and waiting for the sun to go down to watch the “Glow.”

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