princess jf with princess jr at the hospital

Yesterday was great! Lunch went well with Princess JF when they allowed SuperDad, both princesses and I in together (typically only two people at a time), and my parents were able to watch the younger two girls while SuperDad and I went to a class.

Then, we let my parents have the evening visit while we spent time together with the girls playing outside at the House. Dinner was served by an amazing group of people at the House, and we were able to make new friends through the ministry we were blessed by.

All in all… perfect day!

Well, Sundays typically start with some great fellowship and praise at church. This morning we awoke once again in Ft. Worth at the Ronald McDonald House with a crick in our neck and pain in our back.

We have decided that Sleep Number Beds are not the marriage savers the commercials claim to be! SuperDad and I are miserable after sleeping a few nights on this thing!

But… on to other news.

The morning started normal enough… considering… with breakfast down in the great, stocked kitchen we have access to here. After breakfast we spent some time getting things together to go the hospital.

Although, it did feel a bit rushed since the time changed over night and we lost an hour somewhere. We arrived at the hospital for Princess JF’s lunch, where SuperDad and I switched off after 30 minutes so we could both see her.

She was still a bit more hyper than we are used to from her, and acting a little silly, but still so good to just spend time with her.

She was excited because her favorite nurse had just finished painting her nails for her and had done her hair that morning.

She had also changed rooms since a new girl had come on the floor and the girls had to move to a bigger room.

She liked the bathroom better and was grateful for a change of scenery. Overall, lunch went pretty good.

SuperDad and I now had 2 hours before one of us had to be back for another parent education class, so we set off to find gas and food.

Ugh… by the time we found food we had 20 minutes left before we had to be back! It is so frustrating not knowing anything about the area and driving around aimlessly.

Needless to say, SuperDad dropped me off at the hospital, went to grab gas at a place we passed on the way back, and set off to find Happy Meals for the girls!

Two hours seemed to have come and gone in a flash!

After an hour and a half of some boring video I had to sit through, I finally got to spend some time with Princess JF!

Her doctor had ordered an hour pass for the evening visit, so we grabbed her shoes and went downstairs and outside to wait on SuperDad and the other two princesses.

When they arrived I noticed that Princess JR was crying, crying, crying. I was afraid she would upset Princess JF so we stayed outside and SuperDad and I traded back and forth trying to calm her and keep her busy.

We began to notice that she wasn’t using her right arm… at all. Seriously? Well, we’re already here… might as well have it checked out!

SuperDad took the older two girls back upstairs as we finished our hour and they played games and such while I went to the ER downstairs!

After 2 hours, with Princess JR screaming, crying, screaming, crying, we had x-rays done and found that there was no break! Yay!

BUT… there was what they call “Nursemaid’s Elbow.”

Apparently, toddlers have so much “play” in their elbow joint that it can “easily” become dislocated {5 kids and we have never had this happen!}

It typically happens when someone is holding their hand and they trip… just pulling the bone out.

In this case, Princess JR must have fell just right and just hard enough to knock it out of the socket! Really? AAAAAGGGGGHHHH!!

Ok, doctor sat down, took her arm, gave it a tug and twist, felt it pop back into place, and voila! She almost instantly stopped crying and began using her arm again.

First thing she said? “Eat!”

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Back to the RMHFW for dinner. Upstairs to get SuperDad and Princess JR ready to leave. Began cleaning and preparing for discharge tomorrow {prayerfully}. Waiting on laundry now and beyond exhausted!

Princess JL has already passed out on me! So, SuperDad just called to let me know they made it home ok. The older two kids just got home. Laundry is almost done! Time for bed!

Sigh! Breathe in. Breathe out.

Special thanks to a dear friend when he made he smile by simply stating on Facebook this evening: Y’all are giving me a new appreciation of 1 Thessalonians 5:17,

Pray without ceasing

I told him that we are just doing our best trying to keep everyone on their toes! o.O

And one quick praise report!

We have met a few families while staying here at the RMHFW an one that I mentioned in may last post, Jozelyn.

This family received heartbreaking news last week when they were told 13 year old Jozelyn’s Leukemia had mutated and come back after a year in remission. Well, when I saw her family tonight they were in much better spirits!

Her grandmother told me that the doctor came in today and told them that he didn’t know how, and it was nothing short of a miracle, but Jozelyn’s Leukemia is in remission… after only 4 days!

We know why… and they are giving all the praise and honor to God! I was so happy for them I began to cry! LOVE seeing God show up like that!

Continuing to pray for similar miracles!

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