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Today was all about the family! It was great having us (almost) all back together. I love my family!

First things first though, I had an 11am meeting with the Family Therapist {lots of questions about family history… 3 generations back… as well as persistent questioning about my own sanity} to discuss our treatment plan.

The doctors have suggested a Partial Hospitalization Plan since they have seen nothing but good behavior. This would mean that Princess JF would be discharged to us, but we would have to bring her to another nearby facility every weekday from 8am-3pm {for the next week or two}.

Then, she would come back with us for the evening… so, basically, similar to her normal school day.

Well,” I started, “her meltdowns are typically around 3:30/4:00pm. What happens if she has a fit while I have her?

Then you would just need to tell us the next morning. “

Hmmm… I do not understand how that helps? That would bring us back to the reason we brought her in.”

So… SuperDad and I have discussed this and prayed a bit about it… but not too sure it is our favorite option.

Right after the meeting, SuperDad and the rest of the kids drove over today and got to spend time with Princess JF.

When I saw our Princess for about 20 minutes with the therapist, I noticed that she was acting a bit “silly.” She was unfocused and being a little rude {the therapist had to remind her of manners a few times} unlike yesterday.

I mentioned it to him and asked what he thought about bringing the other kids in today and they all agreed it would be ok. I was worried about a possible meltdown if she saw them, but then the doctors could see and understand our concerns.

SuperDad came in with the older 3 while I took Princess JR for a walk around the hospital. Afterwards, SuperDad told me about how lunch had gone.

Apparently, Prince W annoyed Princess JF a bit with a something he was fidgeting, so she snapped at him.

Also, Princess JL was coughing when JF told her that if she didn’t stop she was going “to kick her booty” {but in not that nice of word choice.}

Finally, when they had to leave at 1pm, Princess JF pushed JL away from the door and blocked it so they could not get out.

One of the nurses had to come assist so they could leave peacefully.

The evening visit went a little smoother. She was back to being in a better mood like she was yesterday.

I did feel awful when it came time to leave since we had spent an hour in a required class and I had little time with her all day. She got very sad tonight and wanted to come with us.

Apparently seeing everyone today made her homesick. Praying tomorrow goes better.

Tonight I at least have company here at The Ronald McDonald House.

Princesses CJ & JR, as well as Prince W are with me, while SuperDad and Princess JL went back home for the night.

They will be back up tomorrow after work and school… and my two teenagers will make there way back towards our part of town to spend the weekend with CJ’s Prince and his family.

Continuing to pray that things improve for our baby quickly. In class tonight we learned of another family experiencing the same thing with their son, and even though I hate to hear of others going through similar meltdowns, I am relieved to know we are not the only ones.

Our specific prayer requests tonight:

  • Continue with same medicine? Try a new one? Completely wean from all meds?
  • Try the PHP mentioned above or continue with current facility.
  • Safe travel to and from home and hospital… as well as safety while we are all apart this weekend.

And please continue to pray for the other children in her ward… as well as for 13 year old girl whose grandmother I met today.

Jozelyn has been in remission from her Leukemia for quite some time now, but Monday they got news that her Leukemia has mutated and returned with a vengeance. She is on her 4th chemo regimen and there are only 5 to try.

Jozelyn loves the Lord and says she is mad at Satan for bringing her cancer back. Please lift this family up! They travel here from Odessa, TX and my two smallest princesses played with her little sister for 2 hours today.

Their story broke my heart and I promised to keep praying for her!

And, last, but most certainly not least, please continue to pray for sweet Caleb! His parents have listed specific prayer requests this evening and he is always on my mind.

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