Seeing how we desperately need to generate more income, and the fact that I don’t want to clutter this blog with affiliate ads, I have decided to try something else.

I have started a new blog called “Searching for Deals“.

I figured I could combine my new love for blogs with some of the affiliate programs I am already a member for with my Testament Tweens site, plus some new ones, and try to generate a small income off that commission traffic.

Like, I say, “you never know until you try.” Maybe it will work for me, maybe not?

Either way, it gives me something else to busy my day and night … since I simply do not have enough going on with 4 kids running around all day!

New Ventures

Also, my kids have received most of their curriculum for their new school venture this semester. Now that we’ve determined that they will only have to start at the 2nd semester, not at the beginning of the year as we initially thought, we have decided to go through with it and see how it goes.

After all, once again, “you never know until you try.”

K12 homeschool curriculum

For those of you that homeschool and are looking for a way to do so FREE and without much planning on your part this is a great alternative!

Although I do love putting together their curriculum, as they get older I’m afraid I may be “cutting them short” as far as my own knowledge is concerned.

Not that I’m a dummy by any means, I simply know things have changed a bit since I graduated 16 years ago … and I want them to excel in their own knowledge and wisdom.

So, as of today, they are actually excited about getting started. We’ve received the free computer for using with the program, plus boxes and boxes of curriculum.

Textbooks, workbooks, novels, CD’s of Classical music, audio books, modeling clay, tempera paint, paintbrushes, potting soil, microscope, tag board, goggles, sand, oil pastels, teacher guides … the list goes on and on … and we still have two more shipments coming!

It’s the perfect way for us to continue to homeschool our children, without the expense of good curriculum!

homeschool computer system

In fact, I just spent $15 on a science book for my daughter on eBay (and waited a month for it to be shipped) before we got approved for this program!

I love knowing our homeschool budget will be reduced my at least 75% (we still need things like paper, binders, etc … although we get most of that stuff from my mother-in-law).

Wow … after writing this I realize that we are, at least, starting the year off well with our finances.

I am attempting to generate more through affiliate links (the most I can do at this point), our homeschool budget has reduced, and my husband is supposed to be getting a raise effective on his next check (although no one will tell us yet how much … so, don’t forget, we may have to add “find hubby a new job” to our goal list depending on the amount)!

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