Slowly Driving into a New Mom Adventure

As parents we are all in different walks of life. First-time parents, toddlers, preschoolers, school-age kids.

Perhaps you are preparing for to send your baby off to school in the fall or you will have an empty nest after this summer.

Where are you in your parenting journey?

My children range in age from 20 months to 15 years… so I have walked through a few different seasons already. But, today we embarked on a new adventure.

Our oldest daughter, “Pepper“, got her driver’s permit today! OMGoodness! Where does the time go?

I must admit that as I exited the highway to turn onto the street where the DMV was located I could feel my heart beating out of my chest. I thought I felt the sensation of tears welling up inside of me but fought them back and concentrated on the task at hand.

My mantra became, “I can do this! I can do this!” I was ready… or at least I told myself I was.

pepper driving on the highway 

Fortunately, the monotony of sitting for over an hour at the DMV broke up the apprehension I was having. All the paperwork was filled out and we simply sat and waited. And waited.  

The nice man who passed out the random numbers as you entered the door at least had a personality perfect for the job. He was a random comic and watching him listen to the stories some of these people came in with was quite entertaining.

He did remind us a time or two that watching the screen at the front of the crowded room would not make our number get called any faster. (We could only wish!)

Finally, after an hour and 10 minutes of sitting (we did end up next to a really nice lady and her 16 year old son who gave me lots of information for coming back to take the driving test… and whose son went to school with an old friend of my DD’s), we were called to the counter!

Here we go!

Check all of our paperwork. Make sure Pepper has logged 6 hours of class time. Birth certificate. Check. Social security card. Check. Look in here and read this line. Check. Thumb prints. Done. Take a picture. Done. Pay the $16 fee. Finished.

Finally time for the test!

Ok, YOU can do this! Just breathe. I stand at the end of the row of computer stations just watching as my BABY takes her driver’s permit test. Heart pounding again.

I want her to pass but then I don’t. No no. Praying she passes and we can move pass this point and out of this building. Beginning to sweat.

Remember the mantra: “I can do this! I can do this!”

Pepper jumps up from her chair, “Mom, I passed! I passed!” She came over and laid her head on my shoulder overjoyed but containing herself in a room full of strangers. (Whew for that!)

One more line to go through. Permit with picture and official signature is printed. Pepper signs in front of the DWV officer. That’s it. We’re done. 6 more months until we have to make another appearance in the crowded little room. I did it!

As we walk out the door and I am trying to remember to breathe, “Mom! Can I drive?!Oy!

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