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Maybe you’re curious… and maybe you’re not… but with all of the recent blog conference talk I was wondering.

What are these other bloggers going to think of me? What should I tell them about in advance?

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You know, all these questions. I mean, there are 4,500+ bloggers embarking on New York City this next week and I am going to run into 3 or 4 of them.

So, I should probably concur with my family on these but here are a few I think are fun and/or important to know:

  1. One of the most important things that should be said… considering I will be around massive amounts of women… is that I am not the least bit girly. I have confirmation that God does indeed have a sense of humor because He gave me 4 very girly daughters. FOUR of them! They love make-up, dresses, tutus, sparkly things, jewelry, purses… everything that I have never been a fan of myself. I must now endure playing  beauty salon with a full head-to-toe makeover… make-up, hair, nails… everything. Why? Because I am the mom of 4 daughters and that is what we do. Oh the joys of motherhood.
  2. I have this thing with numbers. I cannot explain it. I have had it since the 7th grade as far as I can recall. I had a list on my nightstand with every time of the day that I could go to sleep or wake up {it is embedded in my brain now as I am well into my 30’s}. Basically, the last time I look at the clock before going to sleep or before I get out of bed in the morning the numbers have to equal 7 or 11. No idea where it stems from. I am the same way with other things. I cannot eat an uneven amount of something. For example, my mom always told us “just 3 cookies.” It drove me crazy. I either had to leave one behind or snag another to make it even. When we look at houses before making a move, I cannot even think about moving in if the numbers do not add up to a number I am comfortable with. Yes, it IS that crazy.
  3.  I do not like to be touched. Yep… one of those. There are a select few I can handle hugs from and they know who they are… but I am not a real touchy-feely person. Now, I am not rude and will take one when someone comes at me with arms open… but I do my best to hide my cringing body and may slowly back away afterwards. Do not take it personal… it is TRULY not you but me in this instance.
  4. Food? Yeah… I am pretty picky when it comes to food. One of the most important things though is that I do not let my food touch. Those plates with dividers were made for people like me. My dad would have fun “driving” his beans through the roads on my plate when I was younger. Again, no idea why. But if a kernel of corn makes it way over to the gravy or something of that sort they are both tarnished and will go uneaten. {For the record… all 4 of my older children do the same thing! My toddler is too young for us to determine yet. My husband could care less as long as it gets into his tummy.}
  5. I hate talking on the phone. I do it when I have to but it is far worse than hugs. I was THRILLED when texting came to be a natural way of communication. I have to take huge breaths and mentally prepare for phone calls with reps or other business affairs. I rarely answer my phone because it is not my priority… unless it is my family or good friends calling. I would much rather a text, FB message, email, tweet… any sort of written communication works for me.
  6. I am a bit of a goody-goody. And that is not to say I think I am better than you. That means I am afraid of getting in trouble so I avoid anything that may pull me into it. For example, if I am part of a conversation on FB that turns controversial I delete my comment and stay out. If I see someone doing something I know is against some set of rules I privately try to let them know… so they can avoid trouble. I have been called “June Cleaver” of at least one forum. I promise I mean nothing by it… it is just the way I am wired. Always have been a goody-goody… most likely always will be.
  7. Before blogging, I would say I was borderline agoraphobic. Leaving the house was not something I did very often. Actually, church on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening was my only safe haven. Blogging has brought me further out of my comfort zone that I could have ever imagined. Ummm… EVER.IMAGINED! I am grateful for the experience and pray that things continue to pull me out of my hermit shell. Something needs to and it has been a great ride for my family and I. Life has a way of changing us and I am hoping this will only get better.
girl behind the blog posts

Well, that is pretty much me in a nutshell. I am sure there are several layers to break through… ask my family and close friends and they will tell you. But I am what I am.

I am a bad liar. Well, let’s just say I rarely ever lie because my goody-goody conscience gets the best of me. I cannot be fake. I have no imagination. I am literal to the core and sarcasm is my 1st language. No lie.

Hi! My name is Staci.

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