older 4 kids in Daytona Beach 2009

Boy how things have changed since this first post! Colby and I now both work from home blogging, we travel all over the US, drive a different car every week and support our family of 7 with our blogs. 

We are frequently asked how we are able to manage a family of 6 on my husband’s meek income alone.

Seriously, we have 4 growing kids … three of them daughters … with the oldest one about to enter into the “teenage realm” within the next year!

She likes to throw out names like “Aeropostale, Abercrombie, etc” … which are WAY out of our league … and we’ve never even stepped foot into! She may have one or two pieces of clothing from there … all hand me downs!

How do they do that?

So, how do we manage to keep them clothed, fed, sheltered … blah, blah, blah? It’s not easy! We struggle paycheck to paycheck … yet when you look at our home and our children … you wouldn’t really know. Why?

Well, that’s the purpose of this blog. I sat down one day and started listing all the resources I have to combine in order to keep our family going.

Things like Craigslist (of which I am a HUGE addict), eBay (although we seldom use because I like the free of Craigslist), and something simple as coupons.

I have to look at our situation myself and try to see how we can manage our finances better here or there in order to afford brakes for our van, clothes for the new season, a birthday party … anything that doesn’t fall into our everyday list of financial needs.

Thus, join my journey with me as I sort through it all. PLEASE feel free to offer assistance or point me in the direction of even more money saving tips, ideas, suggestions, etc.

We are always looking for more and more resources. My daughter may never have brand new, non-clearance priced Limited Too jeans … but at least she will look dazzling in her self-embellished Target brand ones!

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