My schedule is filling up

I was having a conversation with my lone Prince tonight when some how we got on the topic of dates. I began looking through the calendar on my phone and reading aloud all the doctor appointments I have over the next month.

Well, Princess CJ has an ortho appointment and Princess JR will be going in soon for her 18 month check up… and Princess JF has 6 appointments scheduled {as of right now}.

Let’s see… we have already gone to the psychiatrist this week.

Tuesday we were finally able to get on the phone with the psych we had when we left Children’s Medical and she had a morning cancellation. We jumped in the car and rushed to get there right on time!

She asked us to tell her what had taken place over the past few days and tried talking to Princess JF.

Of course, in the “new” Princess JF fashion, she wouldn’t talk.

She clung to my arm and slightly whispered her answers where I could barely hear sitting right next to her and then I would tell the psych what was said.

Once our session was up she “diagnosed” our princess with Separation Anxiety Disorder (I could have told her that without the degree… although we are not sure if that is the ONLY issue) and her medication was doubled {although she is still on a relatively small dose.}

We go back in two weeks to re-access and check in.

Then yesterday we had an appointment with the pediatrician. This time we were going in to have the doctor look for any physical ailments.

After a quick physical exam he said everything looked good. Eyes, throat, ears, tummy, lungs, and heart all checked out {Yeah… but I didn’t bring her in because of a cold}.

So, I proceeded to explain some concerns we were having with the recent behavior changes and he asked if we wanted a CT scan to check for any internal physical abnormalities.

{Well, yes! I understand the risks but I also do not want to find out several months down the road that there was something physically wrong that we could have caught now but didn’t Are you starting to sense my frustration with the unknown of it all?!}

Nevertheless, her CT scan is scheduled for first thing Monday morning. We are fervently praying that the results come back good… and feel that it will give us some peace in simply knowing.

After that we go to another doctor on Tuesday morning to check for some sort of skin condition that her Urologist was concerned about. Then, we get a whole week off before heading back to the psychiatrist!

The next two days are actually not about Princess JF, but are Princess JR’s check-up and Princess CJ’s ortho appointment.

Another break before heading back to the GI doctor for a check-up, the lab at Children’s for a DMSA test, and then back to the Urologist a few days after that! Whew!

Of course, the psychologist we have been trying to contact since Monday FINALLY emailed me back today {we have called, faxed, and emailed}, so we are supposed to set up an appointment with her tomorrow.

My understanding is that our appointments with her will most likely be on a weekly basis. Thus, more dates on my calendar.

BUT… I keep telling everyone that I am going to keep fighting for my daughter… never stepping down as an advocate for her as well as being her biggest cheerleader! I will do whatever it takes to help her get better!

I have many people tell me that I am so courageous in speaking out about this “mental illness” my daughter is fighting.

Well, I have found that by being so open and vocal people have been more inclined to send me information they have on similar experiences. We are able to draw on these stories for further research and questions for our doctors.

We can compare symptoms and try to determine which conditions warrant further investigating in relation to Princess JF.

Thank you to all of you that have offered your support, stories, and prayers!

Finally, I believe public education is important. I do not want someone to think my daughter in “crazy”, out-of-control, or downright defiant. I can not even type those words without tearing up.

She is in NO WAY a bad child! She loves God and loves people. I want others to understand that my daughter is struggling and that she is not in this fight alone! I love her beyond measure and pray that we are able to “officially” diagnose and get her on the right treatment road quickly!

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