It’s amazing how much stuff is required for a “simple” 3 hour road trip! Not that a road trip is simple, especially when traveling with two toddlers! Actually, we’ll have 3 toddlers, but I only have to prepare for two!

So, extra clothes for everyone, 2 sets for my 2 year old.

Different pairs of shoes for after the funeral to go with each set of play clothes, jackets for early morning and evening hours, DVD player and movies to, hopefully, insure a more pleasurable ride with the 2 year old, camera for pictures of family we haven’t seen in a while, snacks, drinks … etc.

Seems like we’ll be there for days! But, I always seem to be over prepared — which I believe is a good trait with 4 kids!


Road Trip

I’ve prepared my kids for this full military style funeral tomorrow. I’m not even sure what to expect but I’ve told them about what we were told.

For example, the Patriot Guard will be standing guard outside the church to help keep the protesters back! How crazy is that?

I don’t exactly agree with all of this either, but we’re mourning the loss of someone we loved … should we have to contend with protesters too? Craziness!

Well, it’s after midnight and I’m still sitting up with my youngest. She had a late nap and doesn’t want to go to sleep now!

Of course, since we have to get up early in the morning to get on the road!! She’ll just sleep the whole way down thus defeating the purpose of packing the DVD player and such.

It’ll make for a peaceful ride, although that means she won’t sleep through the funeral … which would be even better!

BTW, I would LOVE to not have to take my kids to the funeral altogether but I don’t have anyone to leave them with all day! It, unfortunately isn’t their first, I’m just not too sure what to expect at this one?! I guess we’ll see!

Well, we’re off to watch Napoleon Dynamite. She loves the corny adult-type movies … meaning not cartoons?! Not sure why?!

Usually we have to watch Little Miss Sunshine or just “Sunshine” as she calls it, so this is a nice change. I know Sunshine doesn’t have the best language, by any means, but she LOVES it?!

Luckily for us, she hasn’t repeated any of the foul language! It really is a great movie though!

Until my next opportunity to blog …

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