Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again
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I share a lot of things I enjoy with my kids. Sometimes they like those things too, and sometimes it’s clearly a miss. One of my favorite things that seems to have down well with both Colby and the kids is musicals.

From The Sound of Music to, most recently, The Greatest Showman, I love musicals. One day I hope to head to Broadway to see one live. Until then, I enjoy them from the comfort of my living room or on the big screen.

This week, we, as a family, could not wait to see Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. After all, we watch the first movie at least once every 4-6 weeks around here (not even kidding) because it’s a family favorite. It’s easily Jaci’s favorite and we all know that.

Therefore, when the sequel was announced we couldn’t wait to see it in the theaters. We planned to go on our usual family movie night (Tuesday), sit back, and sing along.

Oh boy! Did we get much more than we bargained for!

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

First, the movie itself. Watching the trailer, we were able to piece together the main premise of the movie. The film goes back and forth in time to show how relationships forged in the past resonate in the present. It was also, unfortunately, understood through the trailer that Donna (Meryl Streep) had passed away.


Knowing all this, and based on events from our personal lives this past year, we still went into the theater ready to sing and dance in our chairs.

Again, the movie itself was fabulous for Mamma Mia! fans. They sang a handful of songs from the original film, and the music to others were played as well. The original cast of characters were reprised, and new ones, including Cher, were introduced. All flowed together well throughout the story telling.

Mamma Mia Here Wo Go Again - Cher

Even the flashbacks easily played into the current events of the film.

Admittedly, during the first part of the film I already decided the first one was much better. It just seemed to have a slow start.

Little did I know that by the end, our entire row would be a blubbering mess. Okay, with the exception of Joeli, our 8 year old. During the movie she held my hand tightly as I cried and kept looking up and down the aisle at her siblings. Afterward she told us she was confused on whether to be happy or sad.

Yes, I know I don’t posses you
So go away, God bless you
You are still my love and my life
Still my one and only

– My Love My Life (ABBA)

The movie hit such an emotional chord with each one of us on our row.

**possible spoiler alerts coming**

You see, if you’ve been following my blog over the past year, you may recall learning that my mom passed away last August. Unbelievably, it’s almost been a full year now. In the movie, the one year anniversary of Donna’s death is approaching.

Mamma Mia Sophie and Donna

Sophie is doing her best to honor her mom and make her memory proud by re-opening the hotel. I look for ways to honor my mom everyday.

Then, Sophie and Sky announce they’re having a baby. You may have read that our oldest daughter and her husband and are expecting a baby this December. Our first grand baby. My mom’s first great grandchild.

Mamma Mia Sophie and the Dynamos

The emotions that came flowing out during the last half of the movie were surreal. So much of what we watched played out on the screen because very real to us.

We were soaked in tears. We left the theater with red, swollen eyes and a host of feelings to sort through. I immediately threw up a Facebook status to “warn” my sister, niece, and others to bring lots of tissue when they go see it.

Yes, when they go see it! My emotions did not overwhelm me enough to keep others away. They didn’t stop me from loving it either. Although I wasn’t sure about how I felt in the beginning, I walked out of the theater ready to watch it again.

Mamma Mia Lily James as young Donna

Go see it. You probably won’t cry as much as we did, unless your past dictates a similar story, but you’ll enjoy it.

I’m sure my mom would have loved it. Pretty sure my love for musicals came from her influence.

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