Just... Grrrrr!

I remember when Princess JF was one of my best sleepers. Not anymore! She woke up at 5:45am today crying because she wanted me. So, I let her lay in bed with me since SuperDad’s alarm was going to set to go off in 15 minutes anyways.

After calming her down, and hearing the alarm, she and SuperDad went to go prepare for the day. {He is so great in that he has always got the girls ready for school while I sleep in with the baby since I am such a night owl with the older two. But back to the story at hand…}

15 minutes after they got up SuperDad came to get me and said he needed my help.

When I walked into our upstairs gameroom I noticed Princess JF sitting in the recliner with her arms crossed and face streaming with tears. I turned to look at my hubby and he tells me that she has told him that she isn’t going to school any more and will be homeschooled from now on.

She had told him over and over and when he asked if I had agreed to this {he knew I had not} she said she simply didn’t care either way. Now, we have prayed and prayed about this one decision in particular because of how anxious she gets about school.

But, I have been advised {on very good counsel I must add} and have read repeatedly that it will be best to keep her in public school. We do not want to hinder any progress and enable her fears by allowing her to stay home.

So, although it hurts my heart to see her cry simply because she has to leave for school, I am bound and determined to see her overcome this fear!

It took lots of talking to finally get her to agree to get dressed, only to met with more refusal when it came time for her to put her shoes on, as well as downright defiance when we asked her to brush her teeth and hair!


We need special prayers for wisdom, understanding, and patience! Yes, I am praying for patience because we are already being tested in the area… we now need to see the fruit of it in our spirit!

After it was all said and done, we were finally get her off to school without too many more tears. Then we started going round and round with the pharmacist over her prescription refill! Seriously?!

Grrrr again!

When we initially filled the prescription it was through the Children’s hospital where she spent 5 days. Well, being a good 45 minutes away we thought it would be nice {and easy} to transfer the prescription closer to home.

Well, we are now on day 3 of trying to get that done!


The hospital pharmacy is next to impossible to get in touch with. Between SuperDad and the local pharmacy they were FINALLY able to make contact and get the process started after almost a full 24 hours.

Then, the new pharmacy called back to say they had received the transfer but there were no refills left?! Really? Because the bottle I am looking at says 2 refills before January 24, 2012!


Ok, found the refills. Now the pharmacist needs to know which of the 15 doctors we saw at the hospital actually PRESCRIBED the medicine in order to make sure he has all the information right and the insurance will pay for it?

Seriously? Isn’t there a doctor’s name on the prescription?

Yes, but he needs to TALK to someone? So, SuperDad has a call into the hospital waiting to hear back from someone on the floor that we stayed at almost 4 weeks ago to find out WHICH doctor actually prescribed the medicine and can call the local pharmacy!


We thought that by starting the process early we would be sure to get the medicine refilled on time… and before we ran out! Princess JF is not supposed to miss a dose or abruptly stop the medicine!

This has been so frustrating and has left us in a “pickle” since there is not much we can do on our end but wait! And now we simply wait for her meds to be filled and pray that we learn plenty as well as get the support we need at the seminar on Saturday!

Grrrrr one more time!

Ok… better now!

UPDATE: Just as I published the post I got a text from SuperDad that the pharmacy has finally got what they needed and can now fill the prescription. Praise, Jesus! *SIGH!*

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