when all 5 kids show each other love and happiness

Did you know May is Mental Health Month?

Statistically, 1 in 5 children have a mental health issue.

Because we like to be overachievers, 3 of our 5 are clinically diagnosed with a mental health disorder.

We talk A LOT about mental health in our house. This past year has pushed some limits.

In fact, this past week, I finally had to do something about my own mental health.

Happily Ever Avery Sweet Smile Says So Much

With everything going on with @ourhappilyeveravery, my anxiety was manifesting itself in more and more physical ways.

Most recently, my anxiety and stress has caused uncontrollable itching.

I’ve had it before, but nowhere near this extent. Colby was sure I was going to start scratching my skin off.

Last time it only affected my arms, this time it literally ranged from head to toe.

It was causing me to lose (even more) sleep, have more panic attacks because of the itching, and I couldn’t control it.

Then, the day after Avery’s biopsy this week, I woke up unable to move my right arm.

The muscle knots in my right shoulder were so severe it hurt to move my arm, shoulder and neck.

It started the night before as a throbbing ear ache.

Needless to say, I needed something more than Instagram therapy.

It was all beginning to be too much. Plus, it was causing my husband, who doesn’t have mental health issues, to stress.

So, I had my first psych appointment Friday morning and she gave me meds to not only help manage my anxiety, but to stop the itch!

Relieving that itch is already one big relief.

I’m not sure yet how it’ll manage my anxiety, because it’s pretty severe, but I’m well past the point where I can do it alone.

I’ve worked with Nationwide Children’s Hospital and their @onoursleevesofficial campaign for a while now.

on our sleeves movement for children's mental health

They sent this fun package that came the same day I started my own mental wellness journey.

It’s a great reminder than we don’t often wear our emotions #onoursleeves

In fact, in my experience, people don’t talk about it. It’s a taboo subject.

I’m all for changing the narrative in our family. I believe wellness begins with a support system standing behind you each step of the way.

I’m incredibly grateful for the 9 other people whom I’m able to do life with every day.

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