Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon/evening trying to figure out how school was going to run for us this next semester since we are starting the new program.

As I clicked on every possible link of the school’s website, I came across the parent forums. I read through and happened upon one posting about a single father with his two children, who he homeschooled.

As the posts continued, others began to share their story as to why they choose to keep their children home and one particular post caught my attention.

It spoke of a lady whose niece was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder. As I began to read through some of her examples of the child’s behavior, I could relate to most of it.

So, I decided to look into it for myself.

Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory Processing Disorder

The easiest definition of SPD is this:

Sensory processing disorder (SPD) is a condition that affects how your brain processes sensory information (stimuli).


You would just have to know me to understand.

Most people just think I’m a bit weird or “far fetched” in some of my actions, but, after reading through this, I was almost excited knowing that !

And there could actually be a warranted, medical reason as to why I have these behaviors!

This website has a pretty exhausted list as to some of the symptoms, so I’m just going to hit on the biggest issues I seem to have that effect my everyday life (keep in mind that I fit into one extreme or the other —you may understand after reading through the list yourself).


  • bothered by clothes; certain materials, tags, seams, pantyhose, ties, belts, turtlenecks, have to wear shorts or pants exclusively, etc. **Especially under garments! They drive me insane!
  • bothered by “light touch”; someone lightly touching/rubbing your hand, face, leg or back
  • distressed by others touching you; would rather be the “toucher” than the “touchee
  • difficulty going to the beach; the sand blowing on your skin or getting on your body
  • avoid touching anything “messy”; if you do, you have to go wash your hands right away and/or only touch it with your fingertips
  • hate to wear shoes and/or socks **can’t stand my toes “sticking together”
  • a thrill seeker; loves fast and/or dangerous rides, leisure activities, and sports
  • difficulty riding on elevators, escalators, or moving sidewalks
  • seek out fast, spinning, and/or upside down carnival rides
  • restless when sitting through a lecture, presentation, or movie
  • difficulty eating foods with mixed textures, or one particular texture
  • prefer foods with very strong tastes and flavors, particularly spicy foods
  • bites lips or inside of cheeks **especially when in public; have to carry chap stick everywhere
  • love to sleep with multiple or heavy blankets on top of you
  • becomes nauseated or gags from certain cooking, cleaning, perfume, public restroom, or bodily odors
  • identifies objects by smell, have to smell everything, judge whether you like something or someone by smell
  • very high or very low energy level
  •  avoids crowds and plans errands at times when there will be fewer people **my poor family
  • notice and bothered by noises other people do not seem bothered by…clocks, refrigerators, fans, people talking, outdoor construction, etc. **the dishwasher is my most bothersome noise
  • sensitive to loud sounds or commotion
  • can not attend certain public events or places due to excessive noise


  • difficulty finding things in your purse or pocket without looking
  • bothered by hands or face being dirty
  • has to touch everything
  • difficulty heating food to the correct temperature, feeling if it is too hot or too cold
  • difficulty judging distances about where your car is in relation to other cars, in parking spaces, or near a curb (fail miserably at parallel parking!!)
  • difficulty concentrating on or watching a movie/tv show when there is background noise or distractions
  • can not complete concentrated tasks if noises present
  • sensitive, or over reacts, to sirens, dogs barking, vacuum cleaners, blenders, or other sudden/loud sounds **again, the dishwasher, a small toy, anything can drive me crazy
  • lethargic, hard to get going, appears “lazy” and unmotivated
  • become engrossed in one single activity for a long time and seems to tune out the rest of their environment ** particularly my computer
  • spend hours at a time on activities
  •  great difficulty settling body down for sleep or waking up in the morning


  • dislikes changes in plans or routines, needs structure **THIS IS HUGE for me
  • may be described as “stubborn”, “defiant”, or “uncooperative”
  • can’t seem to finish anything
  • difficulty making decisions
  • rigid and controlling
  • prefers solitary activities, avoids groups
  • impatient and/or impulsive
  • difficulty with authority figures
  • trouble relating to and socializing with peers and colleagues
  • easily frustrated
  • needs sameness and routines; needs to know what to expect
  • have panic or anxiety attacks **especially in public places
  • plagued by fears and/or phobias
  • OCD-type qualities; can’t let foods touch each other on your plate, have to wear clothes a certain way, will only do ____, repetitively does ____, can not do _____ without doing _____, has to have ____ like ____
  • hates surprises
  • avoids eye contact

Can you relate to any of these?

Do you know anyone that suffers from this?

I am curious to find out more about it and how others cope? Now wonder I am so “strange” to those around me! It can overtake your life and it holds me “prisoner” within my own world.

All of this coupled with my hypoglycemia?! Ugh, my poor family!

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