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As you can imagine, there is rarely a dull moment in a family of eight. Someone always has something going on and we are in constant communication. Our family text thread can get a little crazy at times, but I wouldn’t change one bit of it.

My family is often the one thing that keeps me going.

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Power of Love

Through the ups and downs of life, nothing inspires me more than the love I find so deeply intertwined within our family. For Colby and me, we find with each passing day that our children are growing into incredible young people.

From serving at church to reaching out to those they see in need, without any prompting from us, it is both refreshing and rewarding.

Just last week, Cheyenne — the oldest and unofficial leader of the crew — was having a pretty tough day. The girls were staying with her and her husband while Colby and I were on a quick overnight trip.

When Chey came home from school in a bad mood, the girls sensed it and decided to try to cheer her up. They took a notepad off the refrigerator and began to list all the reasons their oldest sister is amazing.

From silly things such as “smelly” to sincere ones like “show stopper,” they knew exactly what their sister needed. Chey was overwhelmed with love.

show and teach kids love

Colby and I were overjoyed, as well as a bit surprised, by their actions. The surprise was more about the fact that it felt as though, as their parents, we had broken through.

We could see that the important values we have been trying to instill in them throughout their young lives were sinking in. It was evidence that perhaps we were doing a decent job of raising these 5 to be good, kind adults.

Sometimes the simple yet unexpected things in life can be the most refreshing. Whether it’s a little note of encouragement, a kind gesture of servanthood, or an unexpected gift, there is much to be said for those refreshing moments.

For example, Colby and the kids knew I needed something to cheer me up on my birthday after getting the news just days earlier that my mom’s cancer had returned after 6 years in remission.

Therefore, they put together the cutest digital birthday card completely inspired by Snapchat filters! Watch and see how simple — yet absolutely fun — it was:

Refreshing Moments

Do you have a moment like this?

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