This girl? She is something else.

With a little sass and a lot of love, she is living in full-blown toddler mode.

And tonight she’s with her mom.

Last night, she slept in her own bed, with Mom and Dad in their room, as she should.

The past two nights have given her a small bit of “normalcy.”

For the majority of the past 9 weeks, she’s been here while Mom & Dad stay at the hospital with Avery.

If not at here, we’re staying at the Ronald McDonald House or a nearby hotel. We stay close to the hospital so everyone is close to baby Avi.

But on Monday, they’re officially moving to Dallas proper. Over 30 minutes away from us.

Not only will it be the first time for her mom and I to live so “far” from each other, but it will be the first time I can’t just pop over “real quick” to see her.

Tonight our house felt eerily quiet. When you have an active 2-year-old in your home, you don’t have a lot of “quiet.”

When Colby and I sat outside this evening, I stared at her empty play set.

toddler pirate play outfit with patch and sword

There was no one there looking for pirates or sharks, washing dishes in her play kitchen, or feeding me play food.

But, it’s as it should be.

We’ve been incredibly “spoiled” in our own right as grandparents by having her here so often.

Going back to what should be normal will take a bit of getting used to once more.

Another way “nature is healing” post-pandemic?


All I know is there’s a tremendous joy to be found in being a grandparent, and I enjoy every moment.

It’s no wonder I don’t want to miss a thing.

All in all, especially what we’re going through with Avi, missing this sweet girl for a day or two is manageable.

We’re all willing to do whatever it takes to see Avery well again.

I’ll still get to spend days and nights with this crazy girl.

Most importantly, she can find what should be normal for her.

Home with Mommy and Daddy… and, hopefully soon, Avery.

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