K12 homeschool curriculum

Yes, I know… another meme… but until I can generate a large enough audience and ideas of my own we both must struggle through!

Besides, they are so much fun and are an excellent way for me to be inspired enough to post about something worthwhile … and, better yet, leads me to others blogs that have brought me great insight into my own life! Thank you!

So, without further ado … here we go!

New curriculum

This week we have to tackle not only going back to school… but also starting a new one.

Yesterday went smoothly but we just sat down to look over today’s subjects and figure out which classes were on today’s planning list since the “skip fairy” showed up and skipped through our classes finally.

Basically meaning, since we started mid-term we obviously only needed to start half way through the curriculum … thus we had to be skipped through the first half.

I sent an email this morning requesting information on where to start on some courses and our “virtual teacher” got on and helped us to know where to begin.

This made our daily planning list look a bit mumbled and misconfigured … but we figured it out!

Therefore, the kids actually have a full schedule of courses for the day … so this should be interesting to see how it goes.

homeschool computer system

Yesterday, our oldest stated that it wasn’t “as bad as she thought” … we’ll see if she feels the same way after today!

We have to tackle a routine and find what type of schedule is going to work best especially once we start our co-op again next Friday!

That means more work for our 7th grader … and since we won’t be home on Fridays … the kids are going to have to “fit in” the required 6 hours of class time somehow!

Also, I need to desperately tackle my desk! They were overwhelmed by the amount of books they received?

I have twice as many simply because I have to have one book for each class, just like them, only times two, one for each child! Thus, I have a huge stack of books sitting on the corner of my desk just waiting for a home!

Maybe next Tuesday I can post the “before and after” photos of my desk?! If I ever get around to tackling it, that is!

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