40th birthday cake with sparklers and confetti isolated on a pink background

Unlike many women, I have not seemed to care much about hitting that “milestone birthday” of 40 years today. In fact, if my family and calendars did not constantly remind me, I would most likely not even notice. It’s just another day of life.

Age is all relative to me. It’s how I feel in my heart, mind and soul. Some days I feel 16 again whereas others I feel 96. The days are the same.

This is 40.

My ankles crack and throb in the morning when I first step out of my bed… moving swiftly to the bathroom. My knees often ache from the 12 years I spent playing a catcher on various softball teams. My feet feel sore after sitting for too long.

7 pregnancies and 5 children have taken their toll on my body. What once was up has now come down. There are stretchmarks in the place of tan lines. And certain parts that will simply never be the same.

But that’s okay.

This is 40.

Thanks to those stretch marks I have 5 amazing children. They are my world. In and out of every day, good or bad, they make me who I am.

In addition to each one of them, I share my world with an incredible man. Just as responsible for each stretch mark and gray hair: my husband. Colby is my rock. Lover. Confidant. Best friend. For over half of my life he has encompassed both the good and the ugly with me. I could not ask for more.

This is 40.

I have a family that loves me. Friends that appreciate me. A house to shelter my children. Food on the table. Money in the bank. And a career I am passionate about.


This is 40… for me.

And it’s good, Y,all! I have no regrets. Regrets would not have brought me here. To this place. To this time. The trials and triumphs have carved my life into what it is. I am grateful and appreciative.

I have had many adventures over the past 40 years and do not plan on slowing down. In fact, I hope to spread myself out even more.

Colby and I have FINALLY decided to get passports. We want to explore. We want to teach our children about the world and the people in it. We have dreams that reach far beyond the four walls we call home here in Texas. There is no reason why age has to slow us down.

I truly believe in this quote:

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

My life began giving back to me as soon as I stepped over that comfort line. Once I decided to run my life and no longer let it run me, big things started happening. They are STILL happening and it’s been truly amazing.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re too old. Too young. Too big. Too small. Too weak. Too… anything. BE YOU. You will look back and either wish you had… or pat yourself on the back for giving it all you had.


This is 40… and it’s not too bad

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